Find out what our participants are saying about our program. After every trip, our participants fill out our end of trip feedback forms. These are real answers from real teenagers who have all been on our trips.

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“Seeing the lava flowing into the ocean is a memory I will never forget. Pictures will not help me remember it as much as my memory will.”
Daniel – Age 15

“OMG manta ray snorkel was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life, the manta rays came so close and I had an amazing time on the boat with everyone it was a lot of fun”
Saja – Age 15

“This trip exceeded my expectations it was much more beautiful and adventurous then I thought t would be and I LOVE that.”
Sophie – Age 13

“I loved the whole experience of getting certified, learning in the pool, and going out into the ocean to dive. I thought the instructors were very friendly and that the dive sites were gorgeous.”
Sophie – Age 13

“This trip definitely exceeded any of my expectations, although I had a different idea in my head on how it was gonna be it was way better than anything I could have imagined.”
Lexey – Age 15

“The biggest thing i learned was how to co-exist with other people and work together.”
Russell – Age 14

“I gained lifelong friends, a PADI SCUBA certification, and a new love for surfing. I had an amazing trip and wonderful time!”
Anne – Age 13

“The activities were so much fun and I truly enjoyed getting the opportunity to do such amazing things!”
Talia – Age 16

“I signed up for the trip just looking to spend some relaxing time in Hawaii and I got SO much more.”
Bruce – Age 14

“I definitely gained independence, confidence, and being able to be close with people I didn’t know before.”
Taegan – Age 14

“Getting SCUBA certified was AMAZING! It was definitely worth every second and Jack’s Diving Locker was perfect.”
Charlie – Age 14

“It was incredible taking my first breath underwater and it’s something I will keep with me forever. It was so fun and memorable and just amazing!”
Remi – Age 14

“A truly AMAZING trip!”
Isabelle – Age 13

“I learned how to be more outdoorsy and not be so afraid of bugs and other wildlife. I learned to open myself to exciting experiences and take risks, and I gained a great new group of friends and a newfound greater sense of maturity.”
Remi – Age 14


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