Our contributions

Every year we donate a portion of our profits to the following organizations dedicated to protecting our wilderness areas, our oceans, our islands, our people, and our communities.

The Tandana Foundation
Tandana offers rural Ecuadorian students funding for uniforms, books, supplies, transportation, and other costs so that they can continue their secondary and higher education. They support almost 100 high school students. Their university students are studying accounting, tourism, medicine, clothing design, mechanics, business administration, and other subjects so that they can become professionals who contribute their skills to their communities and society.

Waipa Foundation
The Waipa Foundation is working to restore Waipa as a Native Hawaiian learning and community center. The Foundation envisions Waipa as a place where Hawaiians and community can renew ties to the ‘aina (land and resources), the culture and a more traditional lifestyle. It intends to create a place to create assets and opportunities for more culturally relevant teaching, sharing, learning and living and to restore the health of the natural resources and the native ecosystems of the ahupua’a.

Juara Turtle Project
The Juara Turtle Project is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 with the aim to develop highly considerate practices regarding sea turtles and the environment in and around Kampung Juara and Tioman Island. The Project’s puts resources towards creating a research database of the flora and fauna on and around Tioman Island for use as reference and as support for protection of Tioman’s ecosystems.

Reef Check
Reef Check is a worldwide nonprofit organization that was established to raise awareness about both the importance of coral reefs and threat to their livelihood. The community project, Cintai Tioman, meaning “Loving Tioman,” is a Reef Check initiative based on Tioman island in Tekek Village. This initiative aims to increase the ecological and social resilience of the Island of Tioman in Malaysia through work on coral reef rehabilitation and community-based projects. Cintai Tioman aims to reduce the impact of human activity on coral reefs around Tioman Island, and also empower local communities to get involved in the management and conservation of the island’s resources.

The Surfrider Foundation
The Surfrider Foundation is a nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research and education. The Surfrider Foundation shapes policy and fights legal battles for our coasts; brings awareness to the issues facing our oceans; provides critical support for areas like accounting, technology, and HR; and raises money to make all of this happen.