Our mission

The Wild Traveler provides quality leadership programs for middle school and high school students through our summer adventure programs, school programs and custom trips.

The Wild Traveler’s mission is to create positive experiences for youth in the outdoors. We do this by designing exciting programs in awe-inspiring places where our participants expand their comfort zones, learn about themselves and the world, and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our Goals:

Future Leaders
We strive to create leaders at school, in future careers and in the community. Our participants gain valuable leadership skills such as group management, decision making, self-awareness and situational assessment. They gain self-confidence and independence, learn to work together as a group, and ultimately contribute more at home and in their community.

Positive Impact
Wild Traveler trips are so much more than a tour. We strive to create a positive impact on our participants, our host families, and the communities and ecosystems we visit. Service learning allows participants to develop their group, organizational and interpersonal skills. Our host communities gain the help needed to improve their infrastructure. Participants and community members learn and share across cultures, an experience which can generate a lasting positive imprint on both parties.

Inspire and Motivate
We are all capable of so much. We want our participants to realize that their actions, both positive and negative, can have large impacts in the real world. By engaging in beach clean ups, community center building projects, sea turtle conservation and habitat restoration, students witness tangible results of their efforts.

New Firsts
All Wild Traveler trips have a variety of new things for participants to explore. Whether it be new outdoor activities, unfamiliar foods or foreign cultures, we want our participants to step out of their comfort zones on program and continue to broaden their horizons back at home.

Fun and Exciting Programs
We strive to lead programs to give our participants the chance to take a break from technology, rigorous academics and social pressure, and just have fun. On all of our trips, participants create strong friendships, laugh, and have the freedom to be themselves.