We cover all the main topics from arrival day, to groups, to  lodging, and so on. If you still have questions (which you probably will) give us a call and talk with one of our knowledgeable Wild Traveler staff! In this section we will cover:

Travel Day · Arrival Day · Your Group · Activities · Meals · Lodging · Communication · Departure Day


Families will be responsible for flights to and from their arrival airports.  We try to coordinate flights with other Wild Traveler families in an effort to get at least two participants on each flight. Keep us updated with any flight purchases.  Flights into arrival airports must arrive before 3pm on arrival day and depart no earlier than 12pm on the departure day.


Wild Traveler trip leaders will meet each participant at their baggage claim immediately after arriving at the arrival airport. Our leaders will have on Wild Traveler t-shirts for easy identification. While we wait for all of our participant to arrive we’ll play games and eat a delicious lunch. Once our group is all together we will complete a gear check, making sure everyone has everything from their trip pack list. We’ll set up camp at a nearby campground in the evening where we learn various outdoor skills, including packing a pack, setting up tents, kitchen preparation, and more. After eating our first dinner together we will spend the rest of the evening playing games and getting to know each other.


Each group is made up of 8-13 enthusiastic, positive, fun teenagers ready for an exciting summer adventure. They come from all over the country, and in many cases, from all over the world. Our groups are created with attention to age and a balance of gender in order to ensure the best individual and group experience possible. Groups will be led by 2 to 3 experienced, knowledgeable, and fun trip leaders. Click here to learn more about our leaders.


Our programs are designed with the beginner in mind. Our teen adventures need no previous experience. Our professional instructors start with the basics. One on one instruction is available for those who need a little extra guidance until they master the basics. Participants who have experience with one of our scheduled activities will be able to improve upon their skills. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!


Designing and preparing meals is a fun and enjoyable time with The Wild Traveler. Leaders will split their group into smaller “cook crews” which, on their assigned days, will decide upon and prepare meals for the whole group. Each cook crew is supervised by a trip leader who is also there to help. Each cook crew will have the opportunity to prepare several meals during their summer teen tour. Every meal is nutritious, tasty, and there is always plenty of it. Because we cook group meals, food allergies and restrictions are sometimes difficult to accommodate. Please discuss any food allergies or restrictions with our office staff at the time of registration.


We will camp most nights in tents.  We have campsites in National Parks, State Beaches, and Private Campgrounds. Participants will be with one or two other same sex participants in a 4-person tent. All will have the option each night to sleep on a tarp beneath the stars.  Our California Coast teen tour and Washington State teen tour includes 1 night in a hostel.  Bathrooms and showers are available at all campsites except during backpacking portions of our trips.


Participants call home upon meeting their leaders at their arrival airport. Participants will have an opportunity to call their families midway through their trip. They will also call home on departure day after arriving at their departure airport. Phone calls are limited in order to enhance the outdoor experience and facilitate group interaction. The only other phone access will be in the case of an emergency. Participants may choose to send and receive letters through the United States Postal Service.

Our office is open 24 hours a day while our teen tours are in session. Our leaders will be checking in with our office staff on a daily basis. Should you need to contact your son or daughter while they are on their trip, give our office a call and we will contact our leaders.

Follow along with our summer teen adventure as it happens by logging into our trip log. Watch short video clips, look at pictures, and read about our adventure during our adventure! Our trip log is updated every 2-3 days by our trip leaders.


At the airport, everyone will have a chance to exchange email addresses and phone numbers with their new friends before departures. When it’s time, Wild Traveler leaders will help each participant check in at their airlines ticket counter and accompany them to the security gate. If you are flying as an “unaccompanied minor” your Wild Traveler leader will walk you to your gate.